Amarisoft (LTE & NB-IoT)



Amarisoft LTE-100 基站模拟和 UE-100终端模拟



Amarisoft是一家专注于LTE通信软体的公司,其产品按照3GPP协议实现了LTE 的eNB,EPC和UE等,是目前市面上优良的SDR LTE平台。 Amarisoft公司的LTE-100是可运行在PC的基站模拟软体,OTS-LTE-100 则是已经整合软硬体的基站模拟器,可以用于模拟4G网路,不需要建置昂贵的实体核心网路的硬体设备,即可进行4G UE的测试。其UE-100是可运行在PC的LTE终端模拟软体,OTS-UE-100 则是已经整合软硬体的终端模拟器,可模拟数百个终端,用于测试LTE的流程或基站的大规模用户测试。





  • Amarisoft公司的LTE-100是可运行在PC的基站仿真软件,OTS-LTE-100 则是已经整合软硬件的基站仿真器,可以用于仿真4G网络,不需要建置昂贵的实体核心网络的硬设备,即可进行4G UE的测试。

    The LTE-100 is a 100% software suite including eNB, EPC, eMBMS gateway and IMS test server. It allows end to end communication from up to 1000 commercial UEs. Our components are 3GPP release 13 compliant and are easy to install and configure through JSON config files. The system is ready for automation and administration using our WebSocket remote API.

    The OTS-LTE-100 system is a fully integrated PC working as a standalone LTE network. It is provided with a standard UE and its 4G test SIM card to allow end to end communication directly out of the box. It is available with up to 4 radio frontends to handle multi cell and carrier aggregation cases. Any 3GPP LTE band is supported with any bandwidth.

  • UE-100是可运行在PC的LTE终端仿真软件,OTS-UE-100 则是已经整合软硬件的终端仿真器,可仿真数百个终端,用于测试LTE的流程或基站的大规模用户测试。

    The LTE UE-100 is a 100% software UE simulator. Connected to your LTE network EPC/eNodeB with a radio frontend, you will simulate behavior of up to 1000 UEs stressing your network. Each UE can be handled independently and perform LTE procedures and IP traffic simulation. You can also use your own external application for dedicated protocol tests.

    The LTE OTS UE 100-x system is a fully integrated and configured PC running LTE UE 100 software. Connect it using cables or antenna to your LTE base station (macro, femto…) Create complex scenario and get results from our powerfull log mechanism.