SiFos (PoE)





802.3af/at Power over Ethernet测试工具



Sifos PSA Analyzer可模拟多端口PD,对PSE设备作信号和功率参数测试,支持UPoELLDP协议。其PSL系列可对PSE作多端口量产测试。其PDA Analyzer则为检验分析PD产品的信号和功率参数的首选仪器。PSAPDA都是验证PoE产品符合IEEE802.3af802.3at 规范的首选工具。其PVA (PhyView analyzer)首选Ethernet PHY测试工具。这些都能透过Spirent TestCenterSmarbitsData测试分析。


Sifos Technologies is the leader in PoE (PSE and PDs) testing and also provides Ethernet PHY (physical layer) automated test & measurement solutions for network equipment and semiconductor manufacturers, test labs, system integrators, field service and IT departments.




PVA-3000 PhyView® Analyzer


NEW!  Fully AutomatedMulti-Port PHY Qualification Test performs moderate coverage Transmission and Receiver Tests on 10/100/1000Base-T Ports in as little as 75 seconds per port. 


The PVA-3000 PhyView Analyzer is designed to bridge the wide coverage gap between comprehensive Ethernet twisted pair PHY compliance testing and simple packet verification testing. The PVA-3000 introduces an innovative multi-port capability dedicated to 10/100/1000BaseT physical layer characterization under controlled impairments including line loss, ingress noise, jittered or offset timing, and even Power-over-Ethernet. The PVA-3000 tests Ethernet switches and routers, discrete LAN interfaces, link transmission components, and network service integrity at any 10/100/1000Base-T interface.


PVA-3000: Configurable 2 to 24 Test Ports


PVA-3002: Compact 2-Port
PhyView Analyzer


Key Features
  • 10/100/1000 Physical Layer Testing Simplified 
                Just Plug…..Run…..Evaluate
  • No Scopes, No Fixtures, No Probes, No Test Modes, No Cable Spools!
               Test   Any 10/100/1000 Interface, Anywhere
  • Faster and More Informative Alternative to Packet Testing
               Answer  What’s Wrong, How Wrong, and Where?
  • Fully Automated PHY Performance Test Suite for LAN Interface Analysis
                Fully Automated 10/100/1000Base-T Interface Analysis
                Fully Automated PSE DC Unbalance Analysis
  • Fully Automated Multi-Port PHY Qualification
            Transmitter Performance Qualification
            Receiver Performance Qualification 
  • Innovative New Measurements on 10/100/1000 Transmitted Signals
  • Accelerated Receiver Testing with Versatile Physical Impairments
  • Externally Accessible Impairments - Combine with Packet Analyzers
  • Sifos PSA-3000 and PSA-1200 Chassis Compatible
  • Compact, Portable 2-Port PVA-3002 - Same Testing Features


PHY Peformance Test Suite
Comprehensive 10/100/1000 Interface Testing Simplified

Ethernet interface testing has never been easier than the PHY Performance Test Suite for the .  This group of fully automated tests can be automatically sequenced across up to 24 10/100/1000BaseT ports to produce colorful and graphical reports of interface performance.   Sequencing and reporting is accomplished with just a few mouse clicks in PVA Interactive software or with a single command in PowerShell PSA. Unlike traditional packet testing, PhyView Performance Tests clearly and independently characterize transmitterreceiver, and physical interface performance in quantitative terms that predict link performance over the full range of possible applications.


Standard (Sequence-able) Tests

  • PHY Capabilities (Auto-Negotiation and Link Verification)
  • 100BaseTx Transmission Measurements
  • 1000BaseT Transmission and Interface Measurements
  • 10BaseT Rx Performance: Various Combined Impairments, 
       MDI & MDI-X
  • 100BaseTx Rx Performance: Various Combined Impairments, 
       MDI & MDI-X
  • 1000BaseT Rx Performance: Various Combined Impairments, 
       MASTER & SLAVE Timing Modes
DC Unbalance Generation and Testing
See the Application Note
With the rapidly increasing population of Power-over-Ethernet PSE’s (Power Sourcing Equipment), one of the most challenging measurements in the domain of Ethernet PHY testing is the relationship between link signal quality and DC current unbalance associated with large common-mode DC currents.   This concern is heightened further by the availability of second generation PSE’s that source 30 watts of DC power on two pairs (one feed, one return).   Small deviations from perfect signal balance have the effect of DC biasing magnetic secondary windings which in turn leads to magnetic core saturation.   As transformer cores saturate, signal distortions from low frequency attenuation and reduced dynamic range create signal impairment and the potential of impaired link performance.
PVA-3102 test ports may be combined with Sifos PSA-3102 PoE test ports to produce automated analyses of PoE induced signal impairments via the mechanism of DC unbalance.   Measurements include multi-pair SNR (non-linear distortion), low frequency PSD (Power Spectral Distortion), and estimated Droop (%).  These measurements can be used to assess or qualify the Ethernet magnetics utilized in PSE ports.


DC Unbalance Test Configuration